Mitsui Chemical’s TAFMER™ alpha-olefin copolymer is a colorless, transparent, odorless and gelation-free line, making it suitable for many different and numerous applications.

TAFMER™ A and TAFMERTM XM, Mitsui’s ethylene/alpha-olefin copolymer products, are unique polyolefins that enhance impact strength and flexibility. For example, as a coating for fire retardant wire or cable, TAFMER™ A retains its flexibility, shows high tensile strength and has outstanding low temperature impact strength.

TAFMER™ A Characteristics

  • Ideal for food packaging
  • Improve impact strength
  • Excellent affinity with polyolefins
  • Designed within easily dispersible viscosity range

TAFMERTM XM, Mitsui’s propylene/alpha-olefin copolymer product, is a superior low crystalline copolymer of propylene and alpha-olefin which is perfect for biaxially oriented polypropylene (PP) and cast film sealant as well as a resin modifier for polyolefins. As a heat seal layer for OPP film, TAFMERTM XM is an excellent package sealer for tobacco, chocolates, cookies and crackers.

TAFMER™ XM Characteristics

  • Excellent low-temperature sealability
  • No taste or odor
  • Outstanding heat resistance
  • Excellent transparency and gloss
  • High hardness and scratch resistance
  • Superb hot tack
  • Compatibility with polypropylene (PP)

TAFMER™ Properties

  • Flexibility
  • Low temperature heat sealability
  • Low temperature impact resistance
  • Easy peelability
  • Heat shrinkage
  • Transparency
  • Light weight

TAFMER™ Applications

  • Automotive parts such as bumper
  • PP and PE films
  • Cup lid materials and bottles
  • Toys and stationary
  • Wire and cable
  • Interior material and household goods
  • Civil engineering, building and interior materials

TAFMER™ is a trademark of Mitsui Chemicals Group.